1. Entries must be in writing on the official entry form. Photocopies are acceptable. You may enter as many products in as many categories as you wish.

  2. All products must meet legal requirements for the manufacture of sausages, and comply with the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code and Fair Trading Act.

  3. All products must be currently, and at the time of the contest, available to consumers via your own or a retail business outlet. The consumer must be able to take the product away and cook it themselves (where applicable). The organisers reserve the right to carry out random validation checks at any time prior to or during the competition.

  4. To be eligible for the Devro New Zealand Wildcard, entries must be produced in a Devro New Zealand collagen casing, both at the time of the competition and in the 12 weeks preceding the competition.

  5. The gold medal winning product must be available at any time (standard business days/hours) during the mystery shopping days. If the product is unavailable at the time of mystery shopping, it is at the discretion of the event organiser to determine if an item will be re-shopped or the entry removed from the competition. If a product cannot be collected, no refund will be offered.

  6. The entrant is responsible for the packaging and sending of the products for initial judging. Products must arrive with Retail Meat New Zealand between Monday 17 September, 9am and Friday 21 September, 5pm. Retail Meat New Zealand takes no responsibility for products that arrive outside of these dates and times, or products that arrive in poor condition. It is the entrants’ responsibility to package and send the products in a way conducive to maintaining quality and freshness. If the product arrives in poor condition, every reasonable attempt will be made to obtain replacement product(s) at the entrants’ expense. If this is not possible no refund will be offered.

  7. The organisers and mystery shoppers will take all reasonable care with the entries at the time of purchase and once uplifted, but will not be liable for claims from entrants if their product is lost, damaged, deteriorated or arrives late.

  8. The event organisers will have the final say over which category the entry falls into and reserve the right to re-classify any entry submitted.

  9. The competition judges reserve the right not to award a prize in any category.

  10. The decision of the judging panel is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

  11. Medal winners wishing to use the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition branding material are required to comply with the branding criteria established by the competition organisers. Random audits can be undertaken at any time following the competition to ensure compliance with the branding criteria.

  12. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry.

  13. All entry fees must be paid prior to judging. If the entry fee is not paid in full, on or before Friday 21 September 2018, the organisers reserve the right to remove the entry from the judging process.

  14. All participants agree by entry into this competition to accept these rules and conditions, and participate in promoting and reporting the competition, and to the use of personal information.

  15. The information and notes contained on this website are to be read with and form part of the conditions of entry.