Sausage Competition Entry

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In in the entry form please provide the following:

  • name of the product you wish to enter

  • the category you believe the product belongs in (please refer to the category guide to determine the category your entry belongs in or contact us if you are unsure)

  • the cooking method e.g. pan fry, boil, oven bake

  • the casing they are produced in

  • a brief description of your entries

Make sure you include your store name and contact details. Retail Meat New Zealand will be in contact to confirm your entry has been received and if necessary, advise you of any category changes .

If you entering online and have more than 10 entries please  use this form and upload this into your online entry.

Entries close Friday 17 August 2018

send your product to us

During the week of Monday 17 September and Friday 21 September send your freshest entries to us using an overnight courier of your choice, or utilise the chilled transport offered through Big Chill. Further information including address details etc, will be provided with your entry confirmation. All entries, except Continental Ready-To-Eat will be frozen until judging.

Top Sausages Competition

Sausage Competition Judges


Category Judging takes place in Auckland on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September.

Sausages are initially judged on their inner and outer visual appearance. Once cooked they are judged on appearance, aroma, texture, composition and taste. All entries are judged by two judges, one with a butchery background and one with a culinary background.

FINAL judging

The top scoring sausage (gold medal winner) in each category will progress through to the final judging. All gold medal wining product will be mystery shopped between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 4th October. The final judging will be held in Auckland on Thursday 11 October. 

Sausage Competition Judges

Sausage Competition Peoples Choice

peoples choice 

The top six scoring products, as determined on the semi-final judging days, will progress through to the People's Choice, taking place in Auckland on Friday 12 October.


The award presentation  will take place on Thursday 18 October. We encourage all entrants and wider industry to attend as we announce the competition winners and celebrate the small goods industry. 

Medalist will receive a complimentary ticket. Further details will be available in due course.

Sausage Competition Awards Dinner