use this guide to determine the category your entry belongs in


We have a brand new category for the 2018 competition, the Innovation category. If you wish to enter a product into this category please tell us why this product demonstrates innovation and list all of the ingredients, in the online entry form.

Sausage Competition Innovation


We recognise that sausage makers are offering more refined sausage options and we want to recognise the smallgood makers that are incorporating new initiatives and innovation into their sausages, yet maintaining the all important taste factor. To enter this category, please tell us why your sausage is innovative and also include a list of ingredients which will be submitted to the judges. For example: Vegetarian, free from....

Sausage Competition Beef


Standard fresh beef not 'beef flavoured'. Cannot contain any other major flavouring such as onion, chilli, cheese etc. For example: Old English beef; Pure beef.  

Sausage Competition Pork


Standard fresh pork not 'pork flavoured'. Cannot contain any other major flavouring such as apple fennel, garlic etc. For example: Old English pork; Pure pork; Prime pork.

Sausage Competition Black Pudding

Black Pudding/ Rounds 

Pre-cooked black pudding and products presented in a round shape, not including haggis. For example: Black pudding; White pudding .

Sausage Competition Traditional


Fresh beef, pork, poultry, lamb or venison products. All English styles, including traditional course cut styles, and products that combine traditional flavours and ingredients. Can contain major flavourings. For example: Cumberland; Lamb & mint; Pork & leek; Herb & garlic; Venison.

Sausage Competition Poultry


Standard fresh poultry not 'poultry flavoured'. Can contain other major flavourings. For example: Turkey; Onion & sage; Duck & mushroom.

Sausage Competition Gourmet


Fresh and pre-cooked products which include unusual flavour combinations and ingredients that do not constitute a recognised style. This category has been broken into sub-categories as outlined below.

Sausage Competition Pre-Cooked


Standard and flavoured pre-cooked. This category is intended for the everyday market and includes pre-cooked/ BBQ style sausages, saveloys, polonys, cocktails. Can contain other major flavourings. For example: Cheese pre-cooked; BBQ beef. 

Sausage Competition Gourmet Beef

Gourmet Beef

For example; Beef, chilli & lime: Beef & red wine.

Sausage Competition Flavoured


Standard fresh beef, pork or chicken flavoured. Can contain other major flavourings. This category is intended for the lower price end of the market. For example: Beef & herb flavoured.

Sausage Competition Gourmet Pork

Gourmet pork

For example:Thai pork; Pork, walnut & blue cheese.

Sausage Competition Continental Fresh

continental fresh

Any recognised international style of fresh sausage. For example: Italian fennel; Toulouse; Fresh chorizo; Hungarian; Italian; Merguez; Bratwurst. 

Sausage Competition Gourmet Varietal

Gourmet Varietal

For example: Venison & red wine; Lamb & sweet chilli; Duck & orange.

Sausage Competition Continental Ready To Eat

continental ready-to-eat

Any recognised international style of gourmet ready-to-eat and pre-cooked. This category is not intended for pre-cooked? BBQ style sausages. For example: Cured/ smoked chorizo; Kransky; Frankfurter; Hunter; Polish; Rookwurst: Bratwurst. 


Still unsure what category your entry fits in, then click here for the Retail Meat New Zealand detailed category guide.