Welcome to the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

This competition gives New Zealander's access to more variety,  better choice and greater quality sausages, as our mission is to seek out New Zealand's best and tastiest sausages. 

Sausage makers from across the country perfect their recipes in preparation for the competition in the hopes of being announced the Supreme Winner.

With over 480 sausages from 90 stores being  judged the competition  sees the Kiwi classic pushing the flavour boundaries and innovation being explored.

Top Sausage Sausage Competition
Throughout this year’s competition, the standard has been phenomenal. Flavours have been well thought through, the quality of the butchery has been impeccable and as a result it has created a really tough, but enjoyable, job for the judges.
— Kathy Paterson, Head Judge

A humble and versatile ingredient, the sausage can be used in many different ways. To name a few - barbecued, fried, curried, made into Toad in the Hole, in pastas, devilled, made into sausage rolls and hot dogs.

Planning your next sausage dish? Check out our 2018 winners, as there just might be an award or medal winning sausage at your local retailer.




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